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Legal Notices

Legal Notices

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To access and use the company's website, you must fully accept the terms and conditions contained in this agreement without modification, and abide by the relevant laws, regulations and rules of the Internet, the World Wide Web or this website. Once you visit and use the company's website, it means that you agree and accept all such terms and conditions.

1. Use of the

website The content on the Shangyang Design website (hereinafter referred to as "this site") is for your personal and non-commercial use only. You should respect the copyright and other ownership statements contained in the content and use them legally. If the content of the website has no rights statement, it does not mean that the website does not have rights to it, nor does it mean that the website does not claim rights. You should respect the legal rights of such content and use it legally in accordance with the principle of good faith. You may not modify, copy, publicly display, publish or distribute these materials in any way or use them for any public or commercial purposes in any other way. It is prohibited to use these materials for any other website or other print media or network computer environment for any purpose. The content and editing on this site are protected by copyright laws and other laws. Any unauthorized use of materials on this site may constitute an infringement of copyright and other legal rights.

The trademarks, service marks and logos (hereinafter collectively referred to as "trademarks") used and displayed on this website and related linked websites are related trademarks registered and unregistered by Shang Yang Design and other right holders. Your use or contact with any content on these websites cannot be construed as granting you any right to use the relevant trademarks. Without prior written permission, you may not use the trademark designed by Shangyang in any way. Unless prior written permission, ShangYang Design prohibits you from using ShangYang Design trademark as a "hot" link to any website related to ShangYang Design.

If you do not accept or violate the above agreement, your authorization to use this site will be automatically terminated, and you should immediately destroy any downloaded or printed content on this site.

2. Information release The information on

this site is provided as is, without any form of guarantee, including guarantees of marketability, suitability for specific purposes, no computer viruses or non-infringement of intellectual property rights. In addition, Shangyang Design does not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy, reliability and completeness of the information on this site. The contents of Shangyang Design website or the products, services, prices and configurations introduced in these contents are subject to change at any time without notice. The content on this site may also have expired, and Shangyang Design does not promise to update these content in a timely manner. The information published on this site may be products, programs or services that are not yet available in your local area. You can consult your local Shangyang Design business contacts and agents. If within the scope of applicable law, the exclusion of implied warranties is explicitly prohibited or restricted, then exclusion clauses of this nature may not apply to you.

3. Disclaimer

The company's website hereby specifically declares that it will not bear any legal responsibility for the following matters:

(1) The company's website hereby declares that you use the website, any content, services or other links related to this website to this website No direct, indirect, statutory, or agreed guarantee is made on the site and content of.

(2) Regardless of any reason (including but not limited to negligence), loss or loss caused by you or anyone through the use of information on this website or information linked from this website, or other website information linked to this website Damages (including direct, indirect, special or consequential losses or damages, such as loss of income or profit, damage to computer systems or data loss, etc.), the responsibility is borne by the user (including but not limited to liability for negligence). The use of this website by the user indicates that he agrees to bear all the risks of browsing this website. Since the company’s website or the company’s website affiliates have not participated in the construction, production or development of this website or provide content, it is necessary for users to access data on this website. Any direct, related, consequential, indirect or pecuniary losses caused by the company shall not be liable.

(3) Part of the content of this website comes from the Internet. Any similarity is purely coincidental. If there is any infringement of your copyright, please contact our company and the company will correct it immediately

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