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We respect your private information. The privacy policy aims to inform you of the guidelines for the collection and publication of information on this website. Before you use this website or provide information to this website in any form, please be sure to read the following privacy clauses. If you do not agree or accept the privacy terms of this website, please do not provide any personal information to this website. Otherwise, no matter when you provide information to this website, you are deemed to agree to the collection and use of this information in accordance with the privacy policy.

1. Information automatically collected by

this website when you browse the web. This website uses cookies (a network technology that enables the website server to store a small amount of data on the client’s hard disk or memory, or read data from the client’s hard disk.), So that you can log in to our service and allow you to set your specific service options.

When you browse this website, this website can automatically collect some of your information, including your computer's IP address, computer configuration information, information about the browser you use, information about the webpages you visit, and access time. The collection of information using cookies is done in an integrated and anonymous manner. You can choose to accept or decline cookies. You can refuse cookies by modifying your browser settings. If you choose to decline cookies, you may not be able to log in or use services or functions that rely on cookies.

2. The information usage rules

are to cater to your needs, enhance the browsing experience of this website, improve the display content of this website, and improve our products and services. We may use the information collected on this website within a legal and reasonable scope. Use it, or integrate it and provide it to the company and other affiliates of the company around the world, or disclose it to contractors that have business dealings with the company (such as suppliers, agents, Dealers, network service providers). In the case of providing or disclosing your information to the above-mentioned affiliates or contractors of our company, we guarantee that the third party will also comply with the provisions of this privacy policy. We promise and guarantee that the use of this information will be conducted in a centralized and anonymous manner, and will not provide or disclose your identification information to any third party. In addition, without your permission, we promise not to disclose the personal information collected on this website to any third party by sales, license, transaction or other means.

3. Links to other websites displayed on the pages of this website.

This privacy policy does not apply to links to other websites that may appear on the pages of this website. For the websites corresponding to such links, we have not reviewed the content of their privacy policies. Therefore, you should read and confirm the privacy policy of such websites before submitting personal information to such websites.

4. Information Security

We will take reasonable measures to protect the information collected on this website to prevent loss, misuse, and unauthorized acquisition, disclosure, alteration or destruction. However, we draw your attention to the fact that we cannot guarantee the security of Internet transmission. There may be insecure factors in the emails you send to or from this website. Therefore, you must pay special attention to your personal information on the Internet. Custody. In addition, if you use passwords, ID numbers or other special login features on this website, it is your personal responsibility to ensure the security of such information.

V. Modification

of the privacy clauses In order to protect users and adapt to the changing environment, we will update the privacy clauses from time to time. When you visit our website, we recommend that you verify the content of the privacy policy to confirm that you have known and understood our current policy. If we modify the content of this privacy policy, we will promptly post the above changes in a prominent position on the webpage. Please pay special attention to the modified content. Unless you get your permission or receive a lawful request from others, the information collected on this website before the modification of the privacy terms will still be subject to the privacy policy formulated and published by us at the time of its collection.

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