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Appreciation of boutique clothing store case

Views:   Release date: 2019-08-23

Manuel Ritz is an Italian brand. Its unique concise design, rich and diverse clothing and various accessories greatly satisfy men's all-round demands for clothing, and create an exclusive personal style for men. In the design, planning and display of physical stores, it not only pays attention to the comfort of the shopping environment, but also conveys the brand style to consumers and deepens consumers' impression and loyalty to the brand.



The window is the silent marketing of the store, and the models in the window often have a subtle influence on customers' shopping choices.

Before designing the window display, the designer must first conceive the entire scene, and achieve the ultimate goal of attracting consumers to shop by matching the displayed clothing, models, props and background advertisements.

The window uses models to show two different dressing styles. One side is casual and cozy, the other side is smart and chic. The diversification and individuality of the brand are fully demonstrated through two different dressing styles.

Too bright window is easy to create a sense of oppression, but under the careful planning of the designer, freehand blank space is used, coupled with warm golden lighting, so that the picture immediately becomes warm and luxurious, which not only highlights the texture of the product, but also Improve brand tonality.


Merchandise display planning▲▲▲

The height of the shelf and the front hanging of the window should be appropriate, and the height of the front hanging should be controlled between 1.72 meters and 1.75 meters, so that customers can touch the goods with their hands. The details in the front hanging are very important. The distance between the hangers is usually about 5 cm, and the distance between the front and back of the clothes is about 8 cm. Side-hanging mainly attracts consumers by the light and shade of the product color and the level changes of styles.

Men's accessories play an important role in the display style. In the case of shoes, the display of shoes is divided into four layers, each layer is placed on the designer to match the same style products, not only convenient for customers to choose, but also add points to the overall visual effect.


Lighting is the finishing touch of the clothing store▲▲▲

The clever use of oblique side light is the best light position in the window display. The oblique side light irradiation makes the model and the clothing layered and three-dimensional.

In order to cope with different promotion plans, most of the display windows use track spotlights that can adjust the direction and distance to ensure the best display effect of the windows.

For some exhibits that have strong flatness, richer levels, more details, and need to clearly display each part, reducing projection or weakening shadows may be a good choice. Lighting engineers usually like to use diffuse lighting or cross lighting with unobvious directivity to eliminate the interference caused by shadows. When clothing needs to highlight the three-dimensional tailoring design, you can try to use side lights for combined illumination to make the product more attractive.

In the store, the shelf lighting should have good color rendering. High-end products adopt accent lighting. Designers use spotlights and use embedded or hanging straight fluorescent lamps in the shelves for local lighting to make the colors of the products brighter and brighter. , Focusing on displaying best-selling models and attracting more consumers to come to buy.


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