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Views:   Release date: 2019-08-23

Shangyang Group was established in 1996. After 23 years of development and accumulation, it has become a star enterprise in the commercial equipment manufacturing industry in China's retail industry. For 23 years, Shangyang has been adhering to the management philosophy of "integrity-based, talent as the root, product as life, service as the soul, and win-win as the way" and the corporate spirit of "focus, perseverance, excellence, and continuous improvement" to serve industry customers. The goal of Shangyang Group is to provide retail companies with integrated solutions for commercial spaces.

Shangyang Group's store opening service supply chain industry platform has a complete product line of commercial equipment, design solutions, and an integrated service system that integrates space planning and design, prop supply, global installation and after-sales service. Its two major brands provide retail customers in different formats with a full range of high-quality products and service experiences.




Integrated shop service supply chain industry platform

The first is our rise, 23-year history of commercial equipment production, a leading enterprise in China's retail commercial equipment manufacturing, and a leader in the practice and leadership of integrated commercial space solutions. Supermarket display equipment storage equipment, specialty store commercial equipment industry experts, products include three main materials of iron, wood, and plastic. In addition to providing highly acclaimed standard products, personalized branding is also an important business on the shelf. Shangyang Shelf has become the new commercial equipment partner of many retail giants.

The product range covers: hypermarket shelves, convenience store supermarket shelves, boutique community supermarket shelves, specialty store commercial display props, catering display props, etc.





Australia's leading brand of commercial equipment integrated services

With more than 60 years of store decoration history and more than 80 years of commercial equipment production history, it is one of the largest manufacturers and service providers in the retail sector in Australia, providing integrated commercial space services for different types of customers in the retail industry.

GIBSON stands out by relying on the brand's huge scale, outstanding capabilities and rich experience, and it also ensures that we can provide services with ease whether it is a small or medium-sized shop or a large enterprise.





We are a service provider of integrated solutions for commercial spaces.

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