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How to become a popular online celebrity shop in the circle of friends

Views:   Release date: 2019-08-23

If there are Peet’s from Galeries Lafayette in California, Blue Bottle from the Industrial Revolution, and% Arabica from Donghai Linkefan, then S. Engine is of course second to none in Shanghai.

Located in Fengshengli, Yingji Coffee Shop not only retains the unique charm of old Shanghai, but also adds the brisk feeling of modern city, which has a fatal attraction for the young people.



Coffee shop? Or a baroque art gallery?

The essence of S.Engine reveals an elegant and pure temperament, even if it is an inadvertent glimpse through the glass window, it seems to be in a paradise of art.



In the store, every time you turn around and look up, you can feel the freedom and romance of the Baroque design complex.



The fantastic spiral staircase is agile and brisk, with unique charm against the background of the lights. Accompanied by the aroma of coffee, you walk into not only a coffee shop, but also a romantic Baroque art exhibition hall.



The designer uses irregular arcs as the main elements to outline private and comfortable spaces for customers. Warm sunshine, a cup of coffee, a leisurely afternoon



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Created this fantastic boutique coffee shop

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