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Uplifting ingenuity creates quality——Diamond Stadium Store

Views:   Release date: 2019-07-18

Ingenuity creates quality, strength wins reputation

As an iconic large-scale shopping mall in downtown Jiaxing, the Diamond Shopping Center has received extensive attention from consumers since its integration and renovation project was launched in early June last year.

This time, the one-stop shop opening service platform has matured craftsmanship, sophisticated production, perfect inspection, safe and reliable products and high-quality services to provide Daimond with exclusive boutique shelves and professional display planning solutions, as well as one-stop shop opening services. Won the praise and reputation of customers.



The color matching of shelves and products is very important in the display. A uniform shelf will create an orderly and comfortable atmosphere for the supermarket, and the color matching of shelves and products can exchange for a unique display effect. The gift boxes on the shelves are bright in color. In order to highlight the gift box products, we choose simple light-colored steel-wood shelves to make the products more color-reproducible and more eye-catching. On the contrary, light-colored goods shelves should be dark, and contrast colors are used to make the goods more eye-catching. Warm colors can have an impact and impact on people's mood. Red, yellow, and orange often give people a feeling of warmth, enthusiasm, and closeness.



The channel woven by the cargo structure determines the flow of customers. The distance between the supermarket shelves should ensure the smooth flow of passengers. Large food stores, department stores, clothing stores, etc., need to calculate a reasonable distance based on the flow of people formed by the scale of the store and the volume of the business varieties. Usually, the main aisle should be at 1.6 Between ~4.5m, the secondary channel shall not be less than 1.2~2m.



The fruit and vegetable area uses sloped open fruit and vegetable racks, and the vegetable and fruit display displays as much as possible the varieties of different specifications, grades and colors in the same category of goods, expanding the range of customers' choices, and also leaving customers with a rich store image. To attract customers and attract customers by creating the concept of green, healthy and natural by enriching the varieties of fruits and vegetables.

Small and small commodities are not eye-catching. Small commodities and fixed-shaped commodities must be displayed in groups, and the small is the big one to create momentum. The visual error can be used to form a feeling of abundance of the product.



In the fruit and vegetable area, the mid-beam spotlights are usually used to highlight the shape, quality and fresh color of the fruits and vegetables. Then use narrow beam spotlights to highlight the products that you want to display or promote, so that the fruits and vegetables are more vivid.



Seasonal and festive display methods can be used for the display of beauty products. Seasonal products displayed in the store should be constantly adjusted with the changes of the seasons in display methods and colors to minimize the contrast between the store environment and the natural environment. This not only promotes the sales of seasonal goods, but also enables consumers to have a pleasant and smooth shopping experience in harmony with the natural environment.



In the stationery area, we use customized high-quality wooden shelves, matched with wooden floors and local lighting, to create a warm and quiet book atmosphere. The two island-style displays not only beautify the shopping environment, but also highlight that seasonal products meet consumption Consumers’ shopping needs.



Ensure the display volume of the shelves, the dazzling array of products can bring visual stimulation to customers, thereby promoting sales. In order to ensure that there are at least 3 varieties in each shelf of the number of varieties (the best-selling products can be less than 3 varieties), in terms of unit area, an average of 11 to 12 varieties per square meter. When commodities are temporarily out of stock, best-selling commodities should be used to temporarily fill the vacant commodity positions, but attention should be paid to the coordination between the variety and structure of the commodities.



The use of scientific and professional display solutions and orderly adjustment of display shelves will help improve the customer's shopping experience. Commodity display must deeply study the characteristics of commodities, market dynamics, consumption habits and people's aesthetic trends, and carefully explore the psychological needs of customers, so as to make layout ideas. Display is the most direct advertising effect, and it is of great significance to the store that cannot be ignored.

Think about the shadow of time with the heart of a craftsman. Shangyang provides one-stop shop opening services for the Diamond Shopping Center with ingenuity and quality, and comprehensively assisting retail companies to achieve commercial demands is our unchanging commitment to customers. "Provide retail enterprises with systematic solutions for commercial space" is the goal that Shangyang is constantly striving for.

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