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A cool and stylish work of ingenuity——JD SPORTS

Views:   Release date: 2019-07-12

Trendy, cool and stylish

As an international one-stop shop opening service platform, Shangyang Group has been committed to meeting the individual needs of customers at home and abroad for various commercial spaces and display props for many years. Whether it is product technology or construction services, Shangyang Group has won the unanimous agreement of domestic and foreign customers. Recognized. This time, Shangyang Group relies on its rich market experience to tailor a sports and leisure retail store for JD Sports that is “out-of-the-box, cool and stylish”, continuing the industry classic.



The store uses vibrant bright yellow as the main color, continuing the brand characteristics of JD Sports' youth sports. The tough lines are integrated into the industrial style design, the open facade is simple and generous, and the bright lights deduce the infinite dynamic sense of sports and leisure. Make the brand's official website a shop sign, deepen customers' impression of the brand, and create a shopping experience that combines online and offline.



With a black background on the side, bright yellow lights are used to highlight the main products of the season. Along with the "aesthetic fatigue" of traditional specialty stores, we try our best to present the feeling of a high-end fashion buyer's store. The stepped display table allows each pair of sports shoes to be displayed in a perfect three-dimensional manner, which makes every Sneakers enthusiast be moved.



The black and white simple styles in the store are stable and charming. Ingenious use of light, with embedded or suspended fluorescent lamps for local lighting, makes the products more vivid and bright. Using the enveloping display method, the products of the same series are displayed together, and the product story is explained through the posture of the model and the poster, which is convenient for customers to buy. Relying on the display of completely different goods to attract a diverse customer base also implies that the sports market is highly segmented today.



The fitting room still continues the unique industrial style, in harmony with the storefront, and the warm colors show a warm side. The fitting room is suitable to be placed in a quiet corner, so that it can not only give customers a better fitting experience, but also let out the high-value areas to improve the floor efficiency. The spacious, bright, simple and comfortable space and the fitting door that does not show gaps allow Customers maintain good privacy during fitting. The chandelier pays attention to the color rendering, which is more conducive to the customer's appreciation of the clothing and selfies.


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