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Uplifting ingenious works——Liwang Supermarket Changchun Store

Views:   Release date: 2019-08-23

Uplifting ingenuity and unique luck-Liwang Supermarket Changchun Store

To build a one-stop shop service platform, in order to create a more beautiful and professional retail space, we have been cultivating the personalized needs of customers at home and abroad for commercial space and display items for many years to meet the comprehensive needs of users for personalized, efficient, and integrated services.

Shangyang Group provides efficient one-stop shop opening services for Liwang Supermarket Changchun Store with ingenious craftsmanship. The newly designed Liwang Supermarket is divided into two areas, the O2O experience area and the wine area.



In recent years, the retail industry has paid more and more attention to the shopping experience and fun of consumers. The O2O experience area and wine area created for Liwang Supermarket this time perfectly combine online products and offline experience, while shopping in the supermarket. Can experience products firsthand and stimulate consumers' desire to shop.



As a supermarket that focuses on shopping experience, after analyzing the shopping habits and aesthetic preferences of local consumers, Shangyang Group designed a simple European and American style for the supermarket's wine area. The wine tasting area uses a dark brown wine rack with a white table top and spotlights to create an elegant bar atmosphere. An elegant leisure experience area is created in the supermarket for consumers to take a break and taste wine. The style here is more luxurious, the ceiling is red and white, and the drinking area and the wine selling area are distinctly separated.



The wine-selling area adopts unique barrel-style shelves, which brings consumers a sense of retro western winery experience. The high-end wine in the wine rack is placed at an angle of 45 degrees to keep the wine in its best condition. Spotlights are used to focus on The flagship product is more noble.



In the O2O experience area, the shelves with white and log-colored textures give people a comfortable and warm sense of home. The custom-made cabinets here use soft warm white lighting, which is not dazzling and can fully display promotional or main products. A clean and tidy environment is more conducive for consumers to experience products and enjoy the fun of shopping.



In order to save space and beauty in the supermarket wall, after field measurement, we customized the wall shelf, which perfectly fits the supermarket wall. The surface of the shelf is treated with epoxy resin electrostatic spraying, which can not only keep the color of the shelf and the supermarket integrated. , It also has a strong anti-corrosion, anti-rust and moisture-proof effect.

my country’s post-90s younger generation of consumer groups has risen, and the post-00 generation’s spending power has gradually increased. The new generation of consumer groups have a stronger self-awareness. While merchants can bring high-quality products to consumers, the younger generation also pays more attention to the purchase process. The specific experience you get that meets your psychological needs and preferences. They live in the current era of more rapid changes and more frequent iterations. Retail companies need to attract them in a novel way that is completely different from before and create a more suitable experience atmosphere.

Faced with a wide range of choices, more personalized and instant gratification are considered positive factors for improving customer experience. Today, it is not just small retailers that are closely following the needs of consumers. Even the well-known large retailers are feeling the pressure to adjust their strategies and think about customizing and personalizing the shopping experience for customers.

Promote a one-stop shop opening service platform to provide major retail companies with systematic solutions for commercial spaces. With a one-stop-to-final responsible attitude to the project, strictly abide by the construction schedule, supervise and manage all aspects of the construction, and deliver the dream of what you see is what you get Shop.

Promote a one-stop shop service platform,

Provide you with a systematic solution for commercial space,

Let you be more at ease and more convenient to open a store.

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