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Uplifting ingenuity and masterpieces to bring a quality of life——Greenland preferred Huamu Luyuefang Store

Views:   Release date: 2019-08-23

Greenland Optimal Huamu Luyuefang Store brings quality shopping experience


G-Super Huamu Luyuefang Store is located on the 1st floor of Shanghai Luyuefang. It is the fourth G-Super store in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area. The Shanghai Huamu Luyuefang store focuses on food, non-food, fresh products and joint catering, and provides high-end community residents and office people within 3Km of the surrounding shopping space and leisure life.

Upswing With ingenuity and quality, we provide one-stop solutions such as space planning, prop supply, installation and after-sales for green space optimization. It is our unchanging commitment to our customers to assist retail companies in all aspects to achieve commercial demands.



The entire store adopts a hollow and transparent design, the whole store is transparent and bright, and the simple style creates a high-end atmosphere, a comfortable and exquisite shopping environment. A U-shaped passenger flow line is designed according to the space of the supermarket. After entering the supermarket, customers will naturally go to every area of the supermarket, avoiding the blind spots of supermarket sales.



In the selection of shelves, small single-sided live back net shelves are selected, which is economical and beautiful. The shelf color adopts dark brown to match the overall style of the supermarket, highlighting the theme of exquisite life and creating a neat shopping environment.



The flower area uses high-quality wooden shelves, and the natural and comfortable environment seems to be in the garden, which not only beautifies the storefront, but also creates a sense of agility, but also achieves an eye-catching effect. Arrange orderly on the display according to variety, color, and price to gradually increase customer impressions. The scientific and reasonable configuration of lighting and decorative light sources can not only render the atmosphere of the flower area, but also allow customers to watch and buy flowers in a comfortable environment, forming a good impression of the supermarket.



In the design of the active line, the width of the main aisle is between 3-5 meters due to consideration of the difference from the traditional supermarket, and the secondary aisle is between 1.5-2 meters depending on the height of the shelf. At the same time, the main aisle is not suitable for stacking. Promotions are placed on the end racks or shelves in the normal arrangement, and the sales of conventional products are driven by promotional products.



The fruit and vegetable area adopts personalized customized shelves to create an orchard style. The top spotlights cross focus on the main products or promotional products of the season, making the colors of fruits and vegetables more vivid and full, and inspiring customers' appetite and desire to buy.




烘焙区用小桌布等装饰营造温馨氛围,数量少而小的面包使用堆头陈列,集小为大以造“声势”。在充分考虑顾客视线角度和方便拿取的高度后,得出货架黄金陈列的高度极限为上方在 150-170cm 之间,下方在 30-60cm 之间,在此间放入畅销商品,杜绝商品拿取不便,以此增加顾客的粘度,保证在视觉和触觉上有良好的消费体验。






        2019 年,越来越多的 90 后开始组建家庭,拥有孩子,千禧一代将真正进入他们的主导消费年。而随着千禧一代成为主要的消费群体,你会发现,他们需要的是“体验,体验,体验“。他们比以往的任何一代都要注理用户体验,他们愿意花费更多的时间、精力,去找寻符合自己体验的商品、甚至超市,进而产生用户粘度。

        精品超市更加注重“效率”和“体验”的融合 , 小业态更具生命力,在卖场的效率和体验上做的更高。而精品超市强劲的趋动力主要源于两点:第一,中国持续上行的经济势态,第二,趋高的消费习惯和区优的消费结构让高端超市依然有着固定的消费群体。


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