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Uplifting ingenuity——Home Dele Supermarket Shuangliao Store

Views:   Release date: 2019-08-23

Uplifting ingenuity presents-Shuangliao Store of Home Dele Supermarket

With the explosive growth of a new generation of boutique supermarkets, traditional supermarkets are gradually losing their charm and market share. Compared with traditional supermarkets, when you walk into a boutique supermarket, its design, environment, atmosphere, goods and services will remind you that it is different from traditional supermarkets-you are not only shopping, but also feeling A refined lifestyle.

With its unique design, flexible format combination, user-friendly layout, and product display system, the upward one-stop shop opening service platform provides a one-stop shop opening program for the Shuangliao store of the Home Dele Supermarket to meet the individual needs of customers. Maximize customer value while making consumers' shopping easy and enjoyable.



In order to enhance consumers' deeper shopping experience needs. In store design, we start from the lifestyle of consumers, combine business formats, goods and services, increase experiential consumption, and create a unique and comfortable consumption scene.

The overall space design has bright colors, simple and fresh, reasonable space layout, smooth flow planning, ground decoration is reasonably integrated with cement self-leveling and plastic floor on the original ground, and the wall is made of PVC material and wood grain, which makes the whole supermarket effect. More simple and stylish modernity.



The food in the fresh food area adopts the principle of color matching, and the combination of fruits and vegetables with rich colors fully reflects the richness and variability of fruits and vegetables. The display should be full and the quantity of goods should be sufficient to strengthen the color of the food and make it look more attractive and attractive. The fresh food area uses warm light, while the shelf lighting mostly uses cold light. In this way, the products on the shelf can be prevented from being irradiated by warm light for a long time to cause high temperature deterioration, and at the same time, the alternating hot and cold also makes consumers feel more comfortable.



The fashionable and distinctive food street is another upgrade to the original traditional stores, adding experiential dining in the overall environment, the environment is elegant and interesting. The open kitchen is clean and bright, so that consumers have a better vision to watch the process of making dishes and purchase products with more peace of mind in an immersive shopping experience.



In order to save space and create an immersive shopping experience, we use single-sided steel-wood shelves against the wall to accurately fit the height and width of the wall. The surface of the shelves is treated with epoxy resin electrostatic spray, and there are many colors and anti-corrosion. , Anti-rust effect. The natural and elegant appearance of the original wood color blends with the environment of the store. The exquisite merchandise display uses the color of the merchandise to inject vitality into the supermarket and bring a different shopping experience.



The tea house in the supermarket adopts the design of the ancient style tea house. The dark wood-colored wooden shelves add a simple and natural Chinese charm, and the built-in spotlights on the top of the shelves highlight the products on the shelves. Use the backgammon display in the eye-catching position to make the product display more layered and more beautiful.

There are differences in the product mix between boutique supermarkets and traditional stores. On the one hand, the target consumers of boutique supermarkets are mainly middle and high-income groups. Westernized lifestyles and high-demand quality of life have led to different demands for commodities. On the other hand, in the large-scale development of boutique supermarkets and hypermarkets, profits are different from the support of suppliers, and the main way to make profits is the configuration of the products themselves. Therefore, how to please specific customers through accurate positioning and good product configuration has become the key to development.

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