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Uplifting ingenuity creates quality——RT-Mart Daning Store

Views:   Release date: 2019-10-12

Uplifting ingenuity creates quality-RT-Mart Daning Store

Since the outbreak of new retail, RT-Mart and Ali have integrated online and offline, and after in-depth cooperation, the stores have also been upgraded. With its continuous ingenuity and pursuit of products, the rising one-stop shop service platform provides RT-Mart's Daning store with a systematic commercial space solution to meet the comprehensive needs of users for personalized, efficient, and integrated services.



The residential area adopts a cool style, simple and elegant, without excessive design and decoration. White and log colors are used as the basic tone, and the beige, coffee, and gray colors are partially matched with the warm light on the top to show the warmth of the home.



The comfortable and natural style is continued at the corner against the wall. The customized and personalized steel and wood shelves are used to meet the placement of different products. The eye-catching promotional products and posters are used to enhance the visual impact and avoid dead space.



Exquisite wood-colored shelves can inadvertently upgrade the grade of stores and products, and the goods placed are more textured and beautiful. The neat and orderly display also makes the shopping experience more comfortable for consumers.



The use of bedding, decorations, lighting and space environment together form a cozy bedroom scene display, bringing a strong sense of life and vividness, and having a strong appeal to customers.



The wine display area is an important content that attracts consumers. For long-term storage of red wine, it is recommended to use a wine bottle model, so that it can be displayed beautifully and practically without worrying about direct light damage to the red wine. Some wooden cabinets and oak barrel cabinets are used to create a western winery atmosphere.

Driven by the new retail model, the development of physical retail has ushered in a new turning point. However, with the dual return of consumption and merchants, it is not easy for stores to win over customers and win development opportunities.

"Build the store well" is one of the important breakthrough points. The stereotyped and old-fashioned image of traditional stores will only discourage young consumers who are pursuing individuality and vitality. Therefore, the store must inject more fashionable elements into the facade, props, display, and atmosphere according to different types of stores such as community stores, street stores, and mall stores to create a personalized, differentiated, and scene-oriented shopping space. The greatest attraction to the consumer group.

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