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Uplifting ingenuity-Yuxiang hot pot won the honor, Chinese style is sweeping the world

Views:   Release date: 2019-11-16

One step into the store is the beauty of Jiangnan

Congratulations to Australia's SY Gibson TD team for the Chinese style Yuxiang hot pot Eastwood project for winning the award in the category of catering and decoration by the ASOFIA Australian Decoration Association.

As an international one-stop shop opening service platform, Shangyang Group has been committed to meeting the individual needs of customers at home and abroad for various commercial spaces and display props for many years. Whether it is product technology or construction services, Shangyang Group has won the unanimous agreement of domestic and foreign customers. Recognized.




One step at a time, as if you are in a water village in the south of the Yangtze River. White walls and black tiles, tables and chairs carved with carved columns, authentic and simple, hand-painted blue sky and white crane roof, elegant and ancient charm.



As night falls, the lights are on, and the design of the Jiangnan pavilion makes the layers of the landscape shine. The red lights reflect the green bamboos, and every eye is a dictionary of poems that makes people smile. Therefore, when consumers walk into the store, they will be integrated into the picture scroll of this Jiangnan water village.



The side wing room on the second floor has a huge space without any feeling of depression. The wooden chairs and wooden tables are simple and beautiful. Looking out from the window, you can see the exquisite hand-painted ceiling when you look up. The eaves are floating with clouds and cranes. dance.



The Yuxiang plaque in the middle is between the cornices. The traditional Chinese-style decoration, antique and immersive dining environment full of Chinese charm, brings consumers a novel consumption experience.

Chinese design is being displayed in front of the world with its unique expression techniques. More and more Chinese designers are also catching up with the pace of fashion. From design concepts, color matching, and material selection, they all reflect the taste of "Chinese design", are not limited to ancient methods, and do not blindly advocate modernity. Chinese style is not only a sign or symbol, but also an extension of Chinese culture and folklore.

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