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Uplifting ingenuity boutique works——Parkn Yonghui Zhongshan Golden Eagle Plaza Store

Views:   Release date: 2019-11-25

Uplifting ingenuity Pokka Yonghui Zhongshan Golden Eagle Plaza Store

PARKnSHOP Bravo has a clear positioning, with imported products, domestic boutiques and localized specialty products as the main product selection logic, choosing urban fashion consumer business districts, and forming a more attractive urban mainstream consumer group through products, environment and experience. A new retail format with quality life experience.

Ascend one-stop shop opening service platform with ingenuity and craftsmanship to create a high-quality shopping environment for PARKnSHOP Yonghui Bravo Zhongshan Golden Eagle Plaza store, adopting professional display planning schemes, providing exclusive boutiques and display props, whether from logistics installation, perfect delivery, and after-sales Service makes opening a shop more efficient and faster.



The wine area uses a floor-to-ceiling pile display. When placing it, pay attention to the uniform color and direction. This can increase the fullness of the merchandise display and increase the exposure of the promotional merchandise.



The display in the snack area follows the principle of full-product items. A series of products are displayed on a shelf to meet the different needs of consumers, increase the influence of the products, and also enhance the image of the mall with rich items.



The normal display on both sides of the shelf can be arranged according to the product classification according to the active line of the store, and then placed from low to high according to the brand and price, while taking into account the outer packaging, specifications and colors of the products. After fully satisfying the above factors, it is also necessary to consider the customer's golden sight of the selected products, and display the products with the highest average daily sales data in the middle of this distance to improve the efficiency.


The display of merchandise is to beautify the store and stimulate consumers, rather than simply put the merchandise together. Commodity display should be consumer-centered, consumer-oriented, and based on consumers’ psychology and behavioral habits, using scientific methods to display product characteristics, so as to establish an image, attract traffic, stimulate consumption, and increase sales. Purpose. Special display of promotional products can also increase the flow of people. A good product display layout can create a "boutique" shopping environment.

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