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The upswing "tide" is dispatched-LE TEMPLER ON THE BUND Bund Financial Center Store (1)

Views:   Release date: 2020-03-10

Concise and extraordinary, sent out with "tide"

With the official opening of the Bund Financial Center BFC, the self-operated department store LE TEMPLER ON THE BUND from Italy also appeared on the first floor of the Southern District Mall. LE TEMPLER ON THE BUND belongs to the Italian fashion group IGFD. It has just participated in the CIIE this year. This new development has once again become the focus of the industry.

Raise a one-stop shop opening service platform, and bring LE TEMPLER ON THE BUND an art shopping space comparable to art museums with ingenious craftsmanship, bringing consumers the most diverse fashion boutiques, an artistic environment and a respected and exclusive shopping experience. Every moment an individual spends is a Happy Hour.



With the current popular industrial style as the main style of the shop, the nostalgic metal texture shoe rack incorporates noble gold, presenting a low-key luxury.



The dumped fashion palace allows the entire space to show the state of dumping/decomposition, and through reconstruction to restore the stability of the space, the space is more layered, creating a three-dimensional magazine that can be browsed.



The uncertainty and variability of fashion make it have no established style, and the soul of fashion is conveyed through the language of art space. Through the concepts of dumping, subverting, detonating, and reshaping, the designer intends to create a multi-faceted and unstable Fashion boutique shop with sexual characteristics.



LE TEMPLER ON THE BUND focuses more on the establishment of scenes, injecting avant-garde and innovative installation art into every inch of shopping Interacting with consumers reveals the essence of space, so that shopping is no longer a mere shopping, but also an artistic journey.

In addition to their love of digitalization, the current global consumer backbone millennials are still looking for a cohesive brand experience. Whether they are interacting with brands online or offline, they all yearn for an immersive and authentic experience. Perception. The shopping environment is more important than ever for stores to attract a stable group of customers. The artistic aesthetics and humanistic care of the shopping environment are gradually becoming the golden key to building the attractiveness of the business environment. The unique art form combined with the spatial form means that the form and atmosphere of a place are unforgettable, thereby creating a unique and high-end commercial image.

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