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Uplifting ingenuity and craftsmanship to create a warm and humane Fat Donglai Life Plaza Xinxiang City Store

Views:   Release date: 2020-03-10

This is a humane supermarket

Pang Donglai used his sincerity, patience, and care in exchange for customer comfort, satisfaction and peace of mind, and won the trust of consumers with a supermarket full of human touch.

The upward one-stop shop opening service platform deeply analyzes the shopping habits and aesthetic preferences of local consumers, and combines the service style of Pang Donglai to create Pang Donglai Xinxiang Life Plaza with ingenious craftsmanship.




The supermarket brings the comfort and warmth of home to consumers in a simple and warm style. The round-island display of log-colored steel-wood shelves ingeniously reduces the blind corners of shopping caused by pillars and enhances the shopping experience of consumers.




In the daily necessities area, warm-colored lights and off-white floors create a warm home shopping environment, allowing people to relax and shop easily. The products are scientifically displayed by category and color, so even brightly colored products will not appear obtrusive.




A hierarchical stacking display of promotional products helps to attract consumers' attention. The neat packaging box at the bottom is beautiful and full, and it is convenient to pick up the goods.




The uniquely shaped steel and wood custom-made shelves, matched with teapots, tea cups and other craft products, exude an antique book-like literary atmosphere to add consumers' shopping interest.

Owning the advantages of your own store and improving the satisfaction of consumers in your own store is certainly not a simple price reduction promotion, but from all aspects. Consumers can get more additional satisfaction from the same goods they buy, or When consumers have a sense of dependence on a certain store, or when they are satisfied when a certain store receives a service above the expected value, only attractive stores can be differentiated.

Shangyang has always been committed to providing retail companies with entire store output services, and on the basis of meeting customer budget and time requirements, providing customers with integrated business space store opening solutions. Assisting retail companies in all aspects to achieve their business demands is our unchanging commitment to customers.

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