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Uplifting ingenuity and craftsmanship to create a national fresh bento store-Yizhu Songhong Road Store

Views:   Release date: 2020-03-10

Small and beautiful national fresh food-Yi Dolphin

"Easy Dolphin" builds a national fresh food convenience store, so that young people can eat at ease. Since the establishment of the brand, it has focused on fresh bento and has persistently pursued the quality of fresh bento.

The rising one-stop shop service platform has been deeply involved in the retail industry for many years. It adopts professional display planning solutions to provide exclusive boutiques and display props to meet the comprehensive needs of users for personalized, efficient, and integrated services. Relying on its continuous ingenuity and pursuit of products, Shangyang provides a systematic solution for the commercial space of the small and beautiful Yidou convenience store.




The overall convenience store is a Japanese minimalist style. In order to facilitate customers to eat, a small dining table is set up by the window. The simple design allows busy people to relieve stress and make meals easier and more enjoyable.




The two-dimensional cartoons on the wall touched the younger generation of consumers, making the shopping environment more interesting, and the cute cartoon characters of Yi Dolphin also attracted the attention of consumers. The warm-colored chandelier on the top makes the whole shop more cozy.




The light yellow steel-wood structure shelves are perfectly integrated into the overall style of the convenience store, and the small spotlights on the shelves make the color of the goods more attractive and full. The merchandise display on the shelf has a sense of hierarchy and guarantees that the merchandise is sufficient to give consumers a sense of visual impact and fulfillment.




The cash register is small and exquisite. After field measurement and calculation, the venue can be fully used. All the utensils are neatly placed, neat and orderly. Display beverage tissues near the checkout counter to facilitate the purchase of bento consumers to form an associated display and increase the consumer's shopping experience.

The new generation of consumer groups have stronger self-awareness. While merchants can bring high-quality products to consumers, the younger generation also pays more attention to the specific experience that they obtain during the purchase process that meets their psychological needs and preferences. They live in the current era of more rapid changes and more frequent iterations. Retail companies need to attract them in a novel way that is completely different from before and create a more suitable experience atmosphere.

Raise a one-stop shop opening service platform to provide major retail companies with systematic solutions for commercial spaces. With a one-stop-to-final responsible attitude to the project, strictly abide by the construction schedule, supervise and manage all aspects of the construction, and deliver the dream of what you see is what you get Shop.

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