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Uplifting brilliant works-THE GLARE Shenzhen Shenye Shangcheng Store

Views:   Release date: 2020-03-31

Star-studded The Glare

Ascending a one-stop shop opening service platform has been committed to meeting the individual needs of customers at home and abroad for various commercial spaces and display props for many years. Whether it is product technology or construction services, improving quality has won the unanimous recognition of domestic and foreign customers.

THE GLARE originated from the fashion capital Milan and now comes to Shenzhen, to uphold the core values of fashion, art, education and innovation originated from the European and American fashion circles, and to combine the theme of The Glare to create a happy space combining fashion and art to provide consumption Exclusive and respectful service of trend matching and fashionable social interaction.





The whole store integrates the original Milanese art style, and the immersive shopping experience conveys the fashionable and modern atmosphere of Milan and Europe from every corner to people's cells.

Zone A-TamperCoffee, the image display area, where bright lights and silver metallic industrial style reflect each other. The transportation vehicles full of technological sense echo the constant flow of people. The central bar is the focal point of vision. The towering arc-shaped columns match the light strips and the bright radiation patterns on the ground, just like the main pillars of a starship transmitting energy. The main brand area is divided on the side, and space is reserved in the entrance area as a layout area for regular image display. At the same time, the continuous arched structure with high ceilings is used to add a sense of grandeur to the fashionable space.





Zone B-The energy generation and operation area of the mothership in the activity zone can be used as a high platform of the fashionable runway to divide the space into two sides. The independent counter is like the main control bridge of the Star Mothership, which can meet the needs of guests in real time. The transmission tracks on both sides are deployed and transmitted by the rear cabin of the mothership for the guests. On the right, the lecture hall and the wedding area are planned to transmit fashion energy. Selected dream wedding shoes and the main shoes of the diamond-shaped body are displayed on the upper and lower sides, which symbolizes the driving energy.

The left side is like the main chip operation area of the central control computer, using the concept of independent cabin to create a strong independent brand area. The prop style comes from the chip form of the supercomputer mainframe. This area further extends the concepts of "design" and "education".




Zone C-the core of multifunctional display area mothership artificial intelligence operation. The space concept simulates the artificial artificial human neural network structure, and the hanging polygonal lamps are like neuron cells. At the same time, the polygonal corner wall and the upper and lower interaction of the lamps are used to define the area of ​​each unit brand (neuron), and each brand represents the main neuron cell in the neural network. The light strip extending from the ground to the wall symbolizes the flow of current pulses between neurons, which are connected in series in THE GLARE to build fashion together. The arrangement of the space adopts a circular and colluding flow, so that the space not only has a sales function, but can also become an exhibition venue in conjunction with exhibition activities. Part of the polygonal corner wall is deliberately left blank, leaving more flexibility for subsequent exhibition deployment. This area is also a communication space between consumers and commodities.

The upward one-stop shop opening service platform conveys the connotation of art, taste and fashion culture through the environment. In the art exhibition space with its own style, with experiential interactive facilities full of technology, it will bring consumers an unprecedented fashion life experience .

For merchants, with personalized commercial space design, perfect service system, etc., may help continue to attract loyal customers and achieve a unique brand tone.

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