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Congratulations to the company for winning the title of "Provincial Enterprise Research Institute of Zhejiang Shangyang Intelligent Commercial Display System"

Views:   Release date: 2019-05-30

On the afternoon of April 17, Zhejiang Pinghu Economic Development Zone held the "Second Entrepreneurship" and Technological Innovation Conference. It reviewed and summarized the work results in 2018, identified the transition and development track, and opened up a new journey of "Second Entrepreneurship". The meeting awarded awards to outstanding companies in 2018.

Shangyang was awarded the title of "Zhejiang Shangyang Intelligent Business Display System-Level Enterprise Research Institute", and at the same time, it is also the first enterprise in my country to win this honor.



The leaders of the development zone, including Shen Bingxing, Hu Hongtian, Shen Feng, and Yu Silong, attended the meeting.



More than 200 people, including key talent technology enterprises, high-tech and reserve database enterprises, technology enterprise incubation and innovation platforms, and heads of member units of the Chamber of Commerce, attended the meeting.

The first "Provincial Enterprise Research Institute" enterprise in the industry

"Provincial Enterprise Research Institute" is based on the establishment of large-scale enterprises in the province, and has the ability to organize and carry out scientific and technological innovation activities. It is also a comprehensive research and development institution approved by the relevant provincial departments.




Integrate the elements of innovation

Shangyang Group gathers and integrates innovative elements, attracts and cultivates independent innovative talents, makes scientific use of innovative resources, and becomes a gathering base for provincial scientific and technological innovation resources.

Organize technological innovation

Over the years, actively organize scientific and technological innovation, strengthen forward-looking technological research, carry out scientific and technological research and industrialization research, promote the transformation of enterprises from imitating and tracking innovation to independent innovation, and continue to research and develop independent intellectual property rights technology and products with market prospects and competitiveness , To become the leading base for scientific and technological innovation in the province.

Sustainable development of the enterprise

Through a series of scientific and technological activities such as scientific and technological research, industrialization development, and development strategy research, Shangyang continuously promotes the technological progress of enterprises, continuously enhances the independent innovation ability and core competitiveness of enterprises, and becomes the core base to support and promote the development of enterprises.

Leading the industry's technological progress

In the future, Shangyang is committed to leading the technological progress of the industry, developing into a demonstration base for technological progress in the province's industry in the fields of scientific and technological research, personnel training, system improvement, and mechanism innovation.

The wise are pioneers, and the Germans are inclusive. The company's development and achievements have benefited from the hard work of every employee. I believe that all employees of the company will take this opportunity to unite, forge ahead, overcome difficulties, and strive to achieve greater results.

After 23 years of ups and downs, the upswing has overcome all obstacles. Through transformation, finding the right path suitable for modern development and upswing development is the only way to upswing. Upward has always insisted that word-of-mouth is not relaxed for service, and the continuous accumulation and expansion of word-of-mouth effect has made the development of Shangyang flourishing. Shangyang will continue to improve its own quality and service level, and make greater contributions to the development zone and Zhejiang Province.

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