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The C-STAR exhibition ended successfully, and the upswing made new brilliance

Views:   Release date: 2019-05-30

On April 27, the Cstar Retail Industry Design and Equipment Exhibition ended successfully in Shanghai. The exhibition attracted tens of thousands of professional visitors and many well-known international retail brands to visit the site.



Upward is the first choice for commercial display, and the category value is clear

Enhance the Group's one-stop shop-opening service supply chain industry platform, by amplifying brand competitive advantages, taking advantage of global resources, activating brand awareness, winning market competition, and harvesting commercial display brand positions. As a national brand, it spreads to all levels of markets. As an indispensable force in brand management, partners are the core link in the strategy to inherit the brand through channels, and the first-line force that needs to be fully mobilized. Under the guidance of strategy, Shangyang pays more attention to cooperation with partners, and achieves a full win-win situation with partners in terms of resource allocation, management, and talents.

At the exhibition site, the CEO of Shangyang Group expressed the unwavering determination of the executive partner's strategy. He explained the significance of the partner's strategy from the corporate management level, and interpreted the company's strategic planning in terms of brand power, product power, and channel power . At the same time, the development and growth of the brand and the partners are inseparable. The two must work together and work together to achieve a win-win situation and achieve the upward strategic goal.

Consensus strategy with partners to build a win-win cooperation

The exhibition aroused the enthusiasm of many partners for the one-stop shop service supply chain industry platform of Shangyang Group. Through understanding the platform and the various investments that the company will make around the partners in the future, the partners are excited and expressed their confidence in the future direction of business and their determination to work together to create the future.

The partners feel that the company is determined to implement the one-stop shop service supply chain industry platform of Shangyang Group. The partners firmly believe that Shangyang is about to usher in a passionate and magnificent future.


Shang Yang brought the country's first online design platform for commercial stores this time, and the audience experienced the fun of online store design and had an immersive understanding of the convenience of one-stop shop opening services.

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