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100 Days and Nights of Shangyang Group and Yingji Coffee S.ENGINE COFFEE

Views:   Release date: 2019-05-30

100 Days and Nights of Shangyang Group and Yingji Coffee S.Engine Coffee

August 30th, 2017-designer working model scrutinize light

At that time, the coffee shop that only existed in the design software was no longer just a fantasy that appeared in our minds. This was the first three-dimensional appearance of the prototype of the coffee shop.

October 8, 2017-scaffolding completed

"Boom and Drums" construction officially started

October 18, 2017-Research and solve construction difficulties

In the cafe next door to the Fengshenglidian site, the upward engineering team worked together to study the skylight drainage and spiral staircase schemes

October 25, 2017-Reinforcement Binding Site of Revolving Stairs

The spiral staircase is the first difficulty of the project. The inner arc rotation exceeding 360° has greatly tested the construction technology and technical ability of the staircase moulding, steel tying and formwork support.

November 10, 2017-construction schedule management

Promote the meticulous attitude of the design engineering team, study and control every detail in the project

December 8, 2017 ---Fengshenglidian construction site first floor

The big carpenter Guo Gong cut the steel pipe after arranging the work. Assist the carpenter team in making hanging boards.

December 17, 2017-the second floor of the Fengshenglidian construction site

The basic masonry of the curved railings was completed, and Chen Gong showed a rare smile.

December 19, 2017-Fengshenglidian construction site spiral staircase

After the main body of the stairs is demolded, the painter is applying putty, leveling the base layer, and preparing for painting.

December 21, 2017-Stairs that rotate more than 360°

After the stairs leveled the base, the team freely drove.

December 26, 2017-The first floor of the Fengshenglidian construction site.

After the keel of the ceiling was installed, Xiao Song and Da Wang, a plumber, arranged the wires needed for the ceiling lamps.

December 31, 2017-the first floor of the Fengshenglidian construction site

This is the eve of New Year's Day, and the master masons bend over and lay bricks for the third day in a row.

January 7, 2018-Fengshenglidian construction site spiral staircase.

After a week of dust in the sky, the terrazzo team finished the last process, took a photo, and prepared to evacuate the site.

January 16, 2018-the roof of the Fengshenglidian construction site in the early morning

Falling from the sky, like a guest from outside, exciting moments are about to come.

The construction of this giant glass with a diameter of 3.2 meters is the final milestone of the project. When discussing roof drainage and weighing issues,

The design, branding and construction parties had heated discussions.

Guo Gong methodically instructed all workers to install skylight fixed glass.

January 16, 2018-Overhead shot of the sky window on the roof of the Fengshenglidian construction site in the early morning

January 20, 2018-Before the opening of Eagle Set S.Enging

From scratch in just 100 days, from dilapidated to prosperous, the huge changes before and after construction are compared

Design Team: Buqi Studio Photo Photography: Uplifting Team Buqi Studio

The uplifting team only spent 100 hard days and nights

To create a dreamlike boutique coffee shop

Professional, responsible, serious and efficient are synonymous with us

The integrated solution launched by Shangyang Group

From design to construction, from equipment to installation

Relying on the responsible management system of one stop to the end of the project,

Strictly follow the construction schedule, according to the construction plan, budget and time,

Supervise and manage all aspects of construction, and deliver the dream shop of what you see is what you get.

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