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The cross-domain aesthetics of fashion and art

Views:   Release date: 2019-06-18

How can fashion and art be cool enough?

The marriage of art and fashion has become a trend. Art is integrated into people's daily life in a more intimate manner through the carrier of fashion. Art can also enrich the connotation of fashion brands and fully shape the high-end aesthetic lifestyle.

The Glare upholds the core values of elegance, beauty, fashion, and technology derived from the European and American fashion circles. It aims to create a happy space where fashion and art are perfectly integrated. It provides consumers with exclusive and respectful services for fashion matching and fashion socialization, and opens up Chinese fashion shopping and shopping. The infinite possibilities of art space integration.

This time The Glare includes three major sectors: luxury brands (Luxury), high-end fashion (High-End), and leisure sports (Sneakers). In the art exhibition spaces with their own styles, with experiential interactive facilities full of technological sense, it will bring customers an unprecedented fashion life consumption experience.



In the "Sneakers" area, industrial-style designs can be seen everywhere. The skateboard-shaped display table and metal reflective seats vividly deduce the infinite dynamics exclusive to sports and leisure.



In the "High-End" area, high-end fans and noble gold are the main tunes. Like a temple-like stepped display booth, each pair of fine shoes is treasured as a treasure that everyone respects.



In the "Luxury" area, a comfortable light blue swimming pool projection comes into view. Interactive screens and exquisite videos present a diversified environment, and the robotic arm creates a shopping effect with a sense of science and technology, reflecting a distinctive personality.



In this fashion shoe art gallery, a robotic arm is placed and named it: Mr. GLARE. It is not only an art exhibit with a sense of technology, Mr. GLARE is also a special shop assistant who will be careful for customers. Pass the favorite shoes, so that customers can experience a unique sense of ritual and future technology while trying on shoes.

The creativity of The Glare brand space is to convey the connotation of art, taste, and fashion culture, so that fashion can become an attitude and lifestyle. Through the cooperation of top Italian artists and designers, every inch of the shopping environment is injected with avant-garde and Bold and innovative installation art, and through the use of various special materials, create different changes in space and light and shadow, presenting a mysterious beauty. It perfectly interprets the cross-domain aesthetic fusion of art and fashion, making shopping a fashionable art journey.

The uplift team spent 2 months of hard work day and night

Created this shop where art and fashion perfectly blend

Professional, responsible, serious and efficient are synonymous with us

Rely on a responsible attitude towards the end of the project

Strictly follow the construction schedule

Supervise and manage all aspects of construction

Deliver WYSIWYG dream shop

Promote a one-stop shop service platform,

For you to create a happy space where fashion and art are perfectly integrated,

Let you be more at ease and more convenient to open a store.

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