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One-stop shop opening service ingenuity masterpiece-"Muse" brand store

Views:   Release date: 2019-08-23

The beauty of fashion in decoration art

The current new fashion trend originates from the innovation of art. Various fashion concepts are used as the carrier of new and old art to cruise through the major fashion industries. The advanced decoration aesthetics has achieved the integration of fashion and art, giving the shop a visual beauty.

In the fierce fusion and collision of various industries, the decoration art embodies the infinite possibilities of the development of the retail industry.

We promote a one-stop shop opening service platform and undertake various styles of shop decoration. The needs of customers are our inspiration. In adhering to the requirements of high quality, high efficiency and high content, we strictly control all aspects of design and construction, raise our own requirements, and strive to make better store decorations.

Recently, the brand-new "Muse" created by Shangyang Group has won the praise of customers with its efficient and convenient one-stop service. 



In order to conform to the image of the muse in the brand logo and its traceability, we designed the wall in a European style, full of exotic style, and enhanced the overall style. The white logo is simple and elegant, and the back is set off with plants and classical art statues, which adds an elegant and mysterious picture to the whole scene, making it easier to attract customers to explore the store.



The main color of the frame in the store is based on green, which highlights the simple and advanced elegance, and is decorated with black frames to create a high-end texture. Attract the trendy young people and promote fashionism with fashionable colors. In the decoration concept of our store, the combination of decoration and fashion can often produce extraordinary effects.



The Muse at the entrance and the main products set off each other, and use this pattern to embellish decoration, elegant and luxurious, highlighting the theme, showing the dignity and dignity of the Muse, but also showing its own brand tone.



According to the characteristics of the products placed in different areas, we carefully study the orientation and design style of the shelves, with bright and warm lighting effects, to design high-end fashion and artistic connotation of the display area. The display effect of the items is directly upgraded, so that customers can obtain a respected consumption experience.



For the item placement area, we have different design schemes to maximize the layout design of the entire store. We use folding corners to design the item placement compartment, which can not only set off the center of the item, but also maximize the lighting effect of the configuration, so as to greatly improve the beauty of the item. The bottom is equipped with marble pattern storage glass cabinets, which highly conforms to the simple and elegant style of the store.



For our stores, we carefully manufacture, and customer needs are the source of our creativity. Assisting retail companies to achieve commercial aspirations in all aspects is our unchanging commitment to customers.


Only use perfect decoration art

Create your private customized brand store

Rely on a responsible attitude towards the end of the project

Strictly follow the construction schedule

Supervise and manage all aspects of construction

Deliver WYSIWYG dream shop

Promote a one-stop shop service platform,

To create a fashionable, high-end and beautiful brand store for you,

Let you be more at ease and more convenient to open a store.

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