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One-stop shop opening service process

Shangyang is committed to providing retail companies with whole-store output services, and on the basis of meeting customer budget and time requirements, providing customers with integrated store opening solutions for commercial spaces. Assisting retail companies in all aspects to achieve their business demands is our unchanging commitment to customers.

  • Provide overall space design plan

    Provide overall space design plan

    After a lot of customer communication and objective market research, ensure that the output plan meets the customer's brand appeal and market demand

  • Provide professional display planning plan

    Provide professional display planning plan

    Combined with product characteristics to provide a scientific and vivid display planning plan

  • prop supply

    Prop supply

    Provide one-stop professional prop supply for retailers

  • installation service

    Installation service

    Professional installation team realizes installation in cities at all levels in China, and provides customers with the most timely on-site installation services

  • Perfect Delivery

    Perfect delivery

    Ensure the high-quality acceptance of the project and escort the store opening on time

  • after-sales service

    After-sales service

    Provide timely after-sales maintenance, consultation and other after-sales services, and accompany our customers to grow together for a long time

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